Friday, March 15, 2013

Friday's 5

Friday's 5

1. It is 68 degrees outside and not a cloud in the sky!! Stephen and I will spend date night on Portofino's porch enjoying this beautiful weather! 


2. It is Buckhead Restaurant week! So all the restaurants in Buckhead have set menus at a discount. Last night I went to Prime with the girls and tonight Stephen and I are going to Portofino!! So fun!

3.  I have two more houses under contract!! 

4.  Tomorrow is St. Patty's day!! Green beer and fun at a friend's that I found a house to lease! How are you celebrating??

5. Stephen and I went to Buckhead Church last Sunday and heard the most amazing sermon.  I told you in my blog about my New Years Resolutions we were trying to find a church home. We have gone to Buckhead Church off and on since we moved here, but questioned whether it would pertain to us long term. After this last Sunday's sermon, I feel it is a wonderful long term church. For that matter, I think it is great for any stage in life. Andy Stanley's sermon truly touched my heart and answered a lot of my questions I had been having. If anyone in the Atlanta area is looking for a church, I think it is truly worth trying!

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