Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Beltline... soon to be like the High Line?

As you read here, I just got back from a trip to NYC! One of my favorite parts of the trip was walking on the high line. The high line is now a park with a walking path and park that walks a long the historic freight line that runs  through the west side of Manhattan. You will find food trucks, food carts, musicians and coffee shops. Art is sporadically placed along the walking path with stellar views of the city. The park has plenty of seating and cute tables to eat at! Lounging chairs are placed to lay on and look over the Hudson river.

 A picture before the High Line Construction started.

The train tracks were originally laid in 1847 but too many accidents occurred so the city decided to raise them in 1929. In the 1930s they opened, and they successfully stayed open until 1980. They stayed closed until friends of the High Line was founded in 1999 to start design of the park and walking path, 10 years later the High Line opened to the public.

Here are my pictures from the high line!

We have a similar project going on in Atlanta currently, The Beltline. I have blogged about this in the past, you can read my last blog here. This week is very important in Beltline history, another trail opened on October 15th!

The Beltline is not raised, but just like the high line it used to be a train track and now is being finished into a park for the public!

The High Line walks past the old sears building, see in photo below. One of the new developments is turning the Sears building into Ponce City market. The market will be a mixed use building with condos, retail stores, and restaurants. You know something cool? The same developers that helped with the High Line is helping with this project!


I will keep you updated on new developments! Until then use the beltline! See how to enter on the beltline below.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Trip to NYC!

As you all know Stephen surprised me for our 3 anniversary with a trip to NYC! We stayed with our dear friend, Gail, from our MBA class at Ole Miss! She had an amazing condo with a sorority sister, Ashley. We had a blast! We flew in around 9:30 am Thursday and immediately hit the ground running!

Here we are after a bright and early flight from Atlanta! 

 View from Gail and Ashley's in the flatiron district!

 Us in front of the flatiron.
 Us in front of Rockefeller center! We walked all the way from 23rd St to Central Park. We found a cute little Italian restaurant on 6th by the park, Pazza Notte! It was very yummy!
Rockefeller Center!

The public library!
 Us on our bikes riding around Central Park! Probably one of my favorite parts of the trip!

 The Jackie O Reservoir in central park!

 Then we walked back to Gails to meet and go to 230 5th St for drinks!
 It was such an amazing view!
 Me and sweet Gail! Thanks for everything!
 Such great views!
One last night shot with the Empire State Building in the background :)
 Then we went down to West Village to an amazing hole in the wall restaurant (seriously don't know name) dinner with this sweet couple!

 Friday we went to see the new 1 World Trade Center. What a beautiful building to represent our country, all 1776 feet of it.
 Then we walked through Soho and grabbed lunch at the first pizzeria in America.

 Yum! Next we went on a booze cruise around Manhatten and to see the Statue of Libery! There is no better way to see New York!

Such a great tour!

Friday night we went to a wonderful steak dinner at Rothmanns and to see Wicked!

Wicked was amazing! Such a beautiful show.

Loved it, thanks Stephen!! Saturday we woke up and went to West Village for brunch! 
We ate at Morandi, I felt like I had died on gone to Italian heaven! So delicious!

 Next we walked the highline, which is the old train tracks that ran through Manhattan. Now it is a beautiful park, much like what Atlanta is doing with the beltline, which I wrote about here. I will do another blog about the Highline! It deserves it!

 After the highline we went to the NYC Ole Miss Alumni bar to watch the rebels beat the Auburn Tigers! Go rebs!

After this we went to dinner at Daddy-O's and went out to Village Tavern in West Village!

Sunday we woke up went shopping and out to eat sushi at Hane! Yum! After we went downtown to see Gail's old stomping grounds.

 Brooklyn bridge behind us!

   In downtown we grabbed a beer at this delightful beach bar and enjoyed the warm sun!
Afterwards we went back to the condo and cheered the Falcons on to another win! 6-0!  We packed up, ordered Dos Caminos (omg so good) and got ready for our 9 pm flight. Thank you Stephen, I love you! Thanks Gail and Ashley for letting us stay at your place and being amazing hostesses! Love yall!