Monday, April 30, 2012

Happy 200th Birthday Louisiana!

Happy 200th birthday Louisiana! You were a wonderful state to grow up in and where my love for homes, food and music truly bloomed!

Some of you know from my blog this past Christmas that I was born and raised in Louisiana. Louisiana definitely shaped me into who I am today: a HUGE foodie,  red beans and rice cook, wine drinker, crawfish peeler, boudin worshipper, music junkie (especially the blues), home lover and matchmaker (I am so funny)! Love Y'all!

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Extraordinary Women

This past weekend I met my mom and her bible study group in Birmingham for a women's conference, Extraordinary Women. We listened to speakers all weekend that all had amazing testimonies including Sarah Palin, the Carpenters (couple from the vow) and Candace Cameron (DJ from Full House)! I really enjoyed myself and was very motivated by these amazing women and their drive in life! Here are a few photos!

Here is the whole group at Moe's Original BBQ.

These women are fabulous! What motivates you to be a better person? 

Friday, April 20, 2012

Spring Beacham Series Party

This Spring's Beacham Series Release Party was last night! It took place at the most beautiful home in Garden Hills!


Here are a few photos of us at the party! The detail in the house was absolutely beautiful! 

Great photo of us by Rod Collins!

Beacham releases a biannual magazine exclusively marketing Beacham's finest listings. The photography is and quality of the magazine has won Beacham multiple awards for the magazine.

Here are a few of Erin Yabroudy and Associates listings in the magazine.

And my adorable 222 Westminster listing!

If you would like a copy of the magazine email me at for a copy!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Guest Post on 21 Peachtree Circle from

My dear Friend, Lindley Knight, Erin Yabroudy and Associates social media expert, wrote a blog this week on 21 Peachtree Circle. If you ever need help with writing, social media or marketing she is your girl! She is very creative and a very talented writer! Here is a picture with me, Lindley in the middle and Blayne Beacham on the right.

When I met Ashley and Kevin at 21 Peachtree Circle, I was both jealous of the future homeowner and blown away by how amazing this house is. Located on Peachtree Circle, it’s less than a spit away from several well-known Midtown Restaurants including Tap, Shout, RA Sushi, Piola, Front Page News, and the other members of the Crescent restaurant line up. Some nights, you can probably hear the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra playing from the back porch, and it’s an easy walk from the High Museum, the Atlanta Botanical Gardens, and Piedmont Park.

Usually, a house only has one of the key ingredients that make it the perfect home. It might be in the right location, but be laid out all wrong. It might have the perfect floor plan, but be located in a place that you would never want to live. This house has it all.

If you fancy yourself a good party host, this house was practically built for you. However, while it’s the ideal venue, it still manages to seamlessly retain the comforting homey appeal that so many “party houses” lack. When you stand outside of 21 Peachtree Circle, you can almost see a valet opening the car doors for your guests as they arrive.

Here’s the first thing your guests see when the doors open and invite them in. Did you notice the little face above the door? The builders thought of everything.

The inviting foyer has an elegant staircase welcoming visitors into the home. It’s the perfect place for a string quartet or a DJ to set up shop and create the tone for the party.

The dining room is extravagant. I wonder who hosts Thanksgiving and Christmas. If you lived here, you’d insist on it. Look at the dynamic ceiling and chandelier. The walls are curved giving the room so many dimensions.

While, the living room has a space of its own, it’s still open to the rest of the house. There are entry ways on both sides of the room.

Right when I saw it, it reminded me of the way my dad used to insist that we kept our doors open so no member of the family was closed off.

The main room is the center piece of this home. With large windows and doors that lead you to the fantastic back deck area, it’s the perfect hang out spot. In every household, the cook might be a different member of the family, but no cook likes to be blocked off from the rest of the action. This home, with its beam ceilings and openness brings everyone together.

I think any cook would be more than happy with this set up. Look at the giant fridge and the wine cellar right next door.

The master bedroom is on the main floor, but is in a private nook of its own. I say this a lot, but this master genuinely is fit for a king in every since of the expression.

Look at the sitting area. In my experience, when a bedroom has a sitting area attached to it, you can barely fit a midsize desk in it; it might as well be a coat closet, but this master got it right. The theme of this home is clearly openness, and the bedroom is no exception.

Have you ever wished you didn’t have to leave the house to go to the spa? Now, you don’t.

I’d probably use this enormous closet as an excuse to buy new clothes. I mean, with a closet this fantastic, it just wouldn’t be right to have a half empty closet.

The guest rooms in this house are bigger than most masters. I love the way the windows are shaped.

Upstairs, there’s a bonus room. It’s spacious enough for a pool table and you never have to worry about the walls being an obstacle.

The basement is perfect for a game room. While the adults are upstairs, the kids can play here. You’ll never have to worry about going home early; they’ll want to stay all night.   

The back of the home is picture perfect with a deck and the perfect area to hang out and see the Atlanta stars.

Having house guests is fun, but even those of us who live to be the host of the party like our quiet time. This home has a fantastic guest house. That way, you can have guests without feeling like they’re invading  your space. Be careful though, this guest house is so nice, they may never want to leave.

Next week, we’ll be featuring 21 Peachtree Circle on The post will be paired with a contest we’ll be running for free tickets to the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra so keep your eyes peeled! 

THANK YOU Lindley! Isn't she talented? She sure has a way with words! If you are interested in this home please email