Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Break at Oak Mountain

This past weekend Stephen and I met my parents in Oak Mountain outside of Birmingham for a relaxing weekend riding our horses, kayaking, fishing and some hiking! It was exactly what we needed- some fresh air and quiet! We also caught up with some good friends; Miller from our MBA program, and Mom saw her University of Alabama room mate and bridesmaid, Kathy!

There is daddy fishing!

This was the view from our cabin.

There is Dad and Stephen kayaking/fly fishing!

Mom and BA are below! BA stands for bad attitude. We have had him since I was 8, he is currently 23 and lovessss trail rides, he ran the whole way!

Listy is Mom's Icelandic horse, he is a handful and loves beer as you can see!

BA is a bit slower than Listy, so sometimes they have to wait on the old man!

It was nice to kick back and relax for a few days! 

And did I mention my parents travel in style...hahahha! Two kayaks and two horses!

Hope everyone had a fabulous Easter weekend!

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  1. amazing photos :)
    I really love this post!!