Friday, December 30, 2011

2 more solds! A great way to end 2011!

Erin Yabroudy and Associates sold 2 more homes in the past week! Erin and I closed 2884 Macaw Street and 60 Maddox Drive!

2884 Macaw Street is the adorable Whittier Mill Village bungalow below! It will be in the hands of an adorable couple and great friends of mine! I wish them luck and happiness in this great home!

They will have a dreamy kitchen to cook in! I love the industrial look.

60 Maddox Drive is a home I have already blogged about! Check to the photos of this Classic Ansley Park home here

Remember the adorable guest house?! Below the guest house is a two car garage, such a great idea.

I hope everyone has a wonderful new year! I will be celebrating with great friends at Park Tavern on Piedmont Park! Can't wait to share with you what 2012 will bring!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Sweet Home Louisiana

Today during my 8 hour drive back to Atlanta, "Song of the South" played on the radio and I'm not even lying... I thought to myself "I should write a blog about my trip home!" Monroe, Louisiana is my where I grew up and where I first began to fall in love with classic Real Estate. In Monroe the streets are lined by bungalows and classic antebellum homes with stately columns. I grew up admiring A. Hays Town's work, an architect whose work is to Louisiana what Neel Reid's is to Georgia. His work captured me at a young age when my parent's were looking to buy this home. Although I was only12 years old, their REALTOR was not able to get a word because it because my goal in life was to sell my own parents this beautiful home. It sat on 120 acres with two barns and a lake. It was perfection, from this moment on I knew I wanted to sell real estate.

So needless to say, when I was home this past week, memories flooded my head. I remember walking down Pargoud Avenue and floating down Bayou DeSiard and looking at the beautiful Southern homes that lined them.

Instead of the Hays Town home, we bought this home...and it is just that a perfect home.  Duke will always welcome you waggin' his tale and smiling, just like he is below.

We have a 5 stall barn and two ponies that decorate the surrounding pasture, BA and Listy.

Bugs and I drove in last Friday for Christmas, here he is with his gift from Santa. We quickly went to a  party Friday night and got to see all sorts of friends! It was a blast.

Monroe is on the Ouachita river, pronounced wash-it-taw. Last night my Mom and I went to a new restaurant called Restaurant Cotton. (Cotton is the reason Monroe is on the Map, so there are many references to cotton throughout the town.)

The restaurant is beautifully decorated with dark leather and wood. It is two stories, and was an old liquor warehouse. The food was delicious, we had boudin balls (my favorite!), ducks wrapped in bacon and stuffed with cream cheese (those who know me know I love to cook this combo), and fried okra (Moms favorite). 

There is a great view of the river off the back of the restaurant and a beautiful building next door.... Can you see the stained glass windows?

Monroe is doing such a great job restoring downtown and my Mom has been a big part of it! There are now art crawls, restaurants, a trolley system and soon a new river walk! So much has changed since I grew up in Monroe!

Thanks Mom for all you do! I had a wonderful trip! Look how cute she is!

I am very lucky to have grown up in such a wonderful community and with a Mom that sets such a great example! My family and hometown really shaped me and who I am today and for that I am very grateful! 

PS- If you ever drive through Monroe on I-20, it might smell...thats the paper mill not your car passenger. Hope everyone has had a wonderful holiday season! 

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Date Night in Downtown

 If you know Stephen, my boyfriend, and I you know we love to travel. Ever since we both started our businesses though we have not had the chance to do so. Stephen owns 2 franchises of and works 7 days a week. I am in residential real estate, as you know, and also work 7 days a week. So we needed a getaway but could not leave the city. My brilliant boyfriend worked out a plan where we had a "stay"cation and stayed in Atlanta.

We got a room at the W downtown and it was a blast! See some photos below! Below is me at the pool on the 16th floor. It was rainy :(

Here is a photo of our corner suite on the 10th floor.

Here we are having drinks downstairs before dinner.

The bar downstairs! Isn't it beautiful?!

We went to Two Urban Licks for dinner, which was fantastic! May I suggest the salmon chips and scallops!? MMMMM! Here are some photos of this fantastic restaurant!

The venue is an old Bellsouth warehouse and has an awesome feel and smokey smell with a live Blues band always playing! The kitchen is in the middle of restaurant so you can see and smell your food being cooked. This was definitely the coolest restaurant I have been to in a long time!

We also had some amazing wine! It was so smooth and flavorful! I highly recommend it!

Next we went to Cavalia Odysseo. This horse show was just voted the best show in the world currently being played! Yes I cried...the horses were beautiful and so very talented!  There was a live orchestra that just really added to the talent and feel of the show. If you ever have a chance to go please go!!! We weren't allowed to take pictures but I did snap a photo before it started.

We went to the W after the show and had some drinks downstairs. We had a blast! It really made us realize how cool it is to live in a big city like Atlanta, and have the opportunity to do such neat activities and see such cool performances and eat such splendid food! We both truly love atlanta so much!!!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

2971 Layton Avenue SOLD!!!

Last week I closed a home in Whittier Mill Village! 

It's a fixer upper but it sure will be awesome one day! Look at the photos below!

I can't wait to see the before and after results! I know Ashley (buyer) is going to do a fabulous renovation! 

There is a fireplace in every room! How awesome!? Don't you love the old charm and detail??

Look how happy they are! I LOVE my job! It was such a pleasure working with such nice people, and to share the excitement with them! Can't wait to write a follow up blog! 

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Photo Fun in Whittier Mill Village

Since I work with Beacham and Company REALTORS, photography is a HUGE part of listing a home. We work very diligently to get all the right shots and to capture the home as best we can! Luckily, Beacham and Company doesn't have 1 professional photographer but 2!!! Both are extremely talented and a pleasure to work with! Blayne Beacham and Rod Collins are the magic behind Beacham's infamous, fabulous photography! I have had a lot of interest in this neighborhood, so Laura (our amazing graphic designer) and I put together some marketing materials on it! Look at some of the awesome shots Rod took!

The remains of the cotton mill still exists, and is now a well-preserved park. They have grills and picnic tables. The community has festivals and a very active HOA. Whittier Mill Village is one of 11 Historic and Landmarked neighborhoods in Atlanta, the building codes are very strict, therefore, the original historic charm still exists. The community was founded in 1896, which is when most of the homes in the neighborhood were built.

They have a playground, Bocce ball court and grilling area.

This is my favorite photo of the day! I hope you enjoyed the photos! They are truly a treat! If you would like any more information on Whittier Mill Village please contact me at

Have a great day!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

3303 Vintage Circle! SOLD!!!

Erin and I closed a lovely deal Monday! 3303 Vintage Circle in Smyrna, a bank-owned property! This deal really made me aware of the deals people can get right now in this buyer's market! My buyer bought this house for $200,000 less than its original list price! Buyers- YOUR TIME IS NOW!