Thursday, January 31, 2013

A little Inspiration

I have a tendency to worry. I worry about being on time, I worry about my to do list, I worry about spending money, and I worry about work... but a 2013 goal of mine is to STOP!   Lately when I worry, I just 1.) Stop 2.) Take a deep breath 3.) Say a quick prayer and Give it to God. It has really helped. I loved these quotes I came across.

I thought these were cute.

What do you do with stress? I love running, yoga, and being outside. Every time I step outside stress melts off of me. Running sweats the stress out. Yoga helps me clear my mind. 

Have a great day!

Monday, January 28, 2013

Buster K BBQ giveaway!

I love BBQ! 

I have experienced some of the best BBQ in the South, and I must say...I have quite a discerning palate. I have had BBQ at Mr. Butts in Columbia, Louisiana --a fine establishment located in one (of three) gas stations in Columbia. From Louisiana to the Rib Cage in Oxford, MS, a Sunday favorite for Ole Miss students, known for their BBQ Quesadillas. In Memphis, the Rendezvous Rib House that made Memphis style dry rub famous... and over to Dreamland in Tuscaloosa, AL, (my Mother's favorite). Traveling South to Moe's in Orange Beach, Alabama --a famous hang out for local fisherman.  Across to a Golden Isles favorite, Southern Soul BBQ in Saint Simons, GA, my boyfriend's personal favorite.

And let's not forget... Atlanta is no stranger to great BBQ! Fox Brothers, 'Cue barbeque in Alpharetta, Fat Matts - a great spot for listening to the blues, and many, many more!


But tonight, I had some BBQ that swept me off my feet! My friend, Edward Kenimer, has started a family BBQ business, Buster K's BBQ! They have named the company after their family dog, Buster. The Kenimer's have been nice enough to sponsor a giveaway on my blog! You can chose between ketchup BBQ sauce, vinegar, mustard or the rib sauce.

Meet Buster.

Buster K's BBQ Pork has the perfect amount of moisture and smoky flavor, without any unwanted fat! I must say, its the best I have had. My favorite part is the homemade sauces that accompanied it. I can't decide which I like best! At first taste, I thought I like the mustard sauce. But, after a few bites I started to like the ketchup sauce even better. Then I added vinegar to my BBQ salad and fell in love with it! Stephen says the Mustard sauce is the best he has ever had, and I think it will end up being the favorite.

 MMM! Which one do you want to win??

 To enter giveaway:

1. "Follow" my blog.  Its the blue button on the right that says "Join this site".
2. Add Buster Kenimer on Facebook here --> and like his profession, Buster K BBQ. <--- Here is the link.
3. Comment on this blog with which flavor BBQ you want!

AND SPREAD THE WORD! I will do the drawing Friday morning!

Thanks for your support, if you would like more information on Buster K's BBQ email Edward at