Monday, January 14, 2013

New Years Resolutions

Goals for 2013

1. Network- I am setting a goal for myself to network more. I am trying to go to lunch/dinner/coffee with someone once a week. If you would like to meet for coffee email me So far I have enjoyed this so much. There is so much to learn from other people. Sharing your strengths and weaknesses with others is fun, because they are good at something you are not.

2. Run a half marathon.  I started running this past October and have been training for a Spring time half marathon. I literally ran my first mile in October.  I am proud to say, I am already up to 7 miles, only 6.1 more to go!

3. Find a church.  Since moving to Atlanta, Stephen and I have been going to Buckhead Church. We really love it, we love Andy Stanley and his message. It is always moving and teaches great lessons. However, we went to church with Stephen's mom in St. Simons and went to a very classic Methodist church. It had a children's choir, we sat in a pew, listened to the choir, and both looked at each other and said "I have missed this". We love the message at Buckhead church but miss the conservative aspects of other churches. So we are looking for a church that has both. Any suggestions?

This is Stephen's mothers Church, Wesley United Methodist in St. Simons Island. Isn't it beautiful?

4. Eat out less. Stephen and I are foodies. There I admitted it. It's a problem. WE LOVE EATING OUT. I am sure you probably figured that out from my past blogs. Like here, here or here? We are trying, I promise.

5. Sell more houses! I want to double the number of houses I sell this year. Ready to list or buy? Contact me!!  404-831-2420 or 

What is your 2013 resolutions?

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