Thursday, February 23, 2012

Happy Mardi Gras + Sushi Making!

I was excited when my friend, Ryn, called Saturday and asked do you want crawfish and beer? How could I resist? So after a long day showing houses in Marietta, I headed to my new favorite spot Big Easy Grille for some crawfish and beer... So fat Tuesday rolled around and Ryn and I gathered up the gang and went back for round 2!

They even had an awesome band!

A mini parade... and best of all crawfish and beer!

For Valentines Stephen gave me a sushi making kit! I have been wanting and asking for this for quiet some time now! So we had to test out the goods! He was very sweet and went to Whole Foods and bought fresh tuna, avocados, cucumbers, spicy sauce and shrimp tempura. Now I am not going to lie, we were not the best sushi makers and it may have taken us 3 hours to make our first roll. But it tasted just like the real thing!  I even went to Williams Sonoma and bought a ceramic knife for round 2, because my dull knives ruined the beautiful rolls... I will keep you updated on our sushi-making process!

Its a very messy process!

The "rolling" part of the process is the most important!

The finished product!