Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Scott's Antique Market

Since I have moved to Atlanta, once a month a buzz starts going around about Scott's antique market. So this Saturday, Stephen and I drove down to check it out. WOW, it was worth it! It is the second weekend (Thursday-Sunday) of every month and has over 3500 booths. The largest antique monthly market in the US! We walked through VERY fast and it took 3 hours and we did not even finish. 

I really wanted the white horns for my bedroom!

I have never seen so much silver in my life! It was unbelievable. There were antiques, guns, swords, flags, furs, jewelry, lamps... oh lamps!
I came across this guy and had to have him! And his twin!

Now they are on either side of me when I sleep :)
Aren't they cute!?

It is definitely worth the trip! I could decorate not one but 5 houses at Scott's... easy!

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