Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Asheville for Blayne and Jimmy's Wedding!

 This past weekend Stephen and I traveled to Asheville, NC fo Blayne Beacham and Jimmy Macauley's wedding! It was a blast and such a fabulous location for a wedding! Asheville was amazing and just blooming!
Saturday morning Stephen and I walked around the River Arts district which was cool! Artists have set up shop in old warehouses. There are multiple galleries in multiple warehouses all within steps of each other! Stephen and I found Wedge brewery in the bottom of one warehouse. People were playing cornhole and games outside, it was a fun atmosphere! See picture below for my "artsy" view.

 Saturday at 5, the big event happened! Jimmy and Blayne were married! It was a beautiful, sweet, emotional, wedding! They looked amazing!
 Part of the Beacham and Company crew at the wedding!
 The bride and her dad! He had a very sweet speech.
 Me and Stephen at the reception, which was at the Grand Bohemian, which was amazing!
 First dance!

 More Beacham and Company folks!

 Sunday, Stephen and I adventured over to the Biltmore. I have fond memories of the Biltmore, I grew up showing horses and showed in Arden, NC often. Mom took me to the Biltmore when I was 12, and I remember it very vividly. My love for houses started young, and I have always dreamed of going back! The Biltmore was built in 1895 by George Vanderbilt. It is the largest privately owned home in the United States.
 The mountains are beautiful! I love getting some fresh air in the mountains every once in a while.

 Landscape was very important to the Vanderbilt's so they hired the best, Fredrick Law Olmstead, who designed central park. The gardens are truly breathtaking!

 We just missed the wisteria! I was bummed.

 The tulip garden was my favorite!

 Ok enough tulips... next! Mr. Vanderbilt was fascinated with Orchids, so he had a conservatory built. The biltmore displays over 350 types of orchids!
 Stephen and I walked around the pond, it was very relaxing!
 We were so relaxed we went to the Biltmore Winery! 
 Our last stop before Atlanta, was the infamous Grove Park Inn! Grove Park Inn is 100 years old this year! It has had 10 Presidents of the USA stay there and few other famous people.. William Jennings Bryan (who spoke at the hotel's opening), Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, Harvey Firestone, Elbert Hubbard, Woodrow Wilson, John D. Rockefeller, Gen. John J. Pershing, Dean Smith, Jerry Seinfeld, John Waters, David & Amy Sedaris, Mischa Barton, Mike Huckabee, former NC Governor Bev Perdue, Sanjay Gupta, Trey Anastasio, Charles Schwab, William Howard Taft, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Herbert Hoover, Dwight Eisenhower, Enrico Caruso, Harry Houdini, Al Jolson, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Bobby Jones, Wiley Post, Will Rogers, Bill Tilden, Billy Graham, Barack Obama, William Shatner, Don Cheadle, Vijay Kansupada, and many others.

 The fireplace was taller than I am!
 The view is amazing!
And apparently the spa is #13 in the world! Ok, Im sold!
Blayne and Jimmy, I wish you a lifetime of happiness! We had a great weekend celebrating with you! Asheville, you treated us well! We hope to return!

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