Thursday, June 28, 2012

Sushi Madness

As you know from my last blog about sushi, Stephen and I love sushi! So lately with summer time being in full swing, we have tried out a few new sushi spots in Atlanta. The first one we went to was Maki Fresh. This was started by the same guy, John Cassimus, who started Zoe's. Stephen and I both had the pleasure of meeting John during our MBA and so when we heard he started a new chain, we both were excited to try it. Maki fresh did not disappoint, it is very light, well priced, and full of flavor. My personal favorite was the brussel sprouts, Stephen who does NOT eat veggies even enjoyed!

Last night Stephen and I went to Sushi Nami, this has been voted best sushi in Atlanta for quite sometime now, but it was in Alpharetta and I never make it up there to try! Well, excitingly they have opened a new location in Sandy Springs! I did not know what to expect but had heard you will never look at sushi the same way! The rumors are true... it is the best darn sushi you will ever eat. Very gourmet, artistic, and patiently made. We sat at the sushi bar and watched, which I highly recommend. It was a true pleasure to watch these men make our dinner. We ordered the Big O, New York Strip roll, Volcano and the Shannon at Maui roll. They were all perfection. The NY strip roll was blow torched in front of us, I found that very impressive. My favorite was the Shannon at Maui though, it had tuna, Macadamia nuts, wasabi, avocado and tobiko on it.

 I wish I took more photos but I was very distracted by everything!  Please try both places, and let me know what you think!

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