Friday, November 30, 2012

Friday's Five

Oh wow! What a week? I have had waaay more than 5 things I am thankful for this week!

1. I am so thankful I got to spend Thanksgiving at home in Monroe, LA with my family! I had so much fun and got to see old friends. We had a day and had beautiful weather so we had turkey dinner outside on the porch.

I even got to go to my first high school football game back as an alumni! It was heart warming to see so many familiar faces :)

2. I am thankful for Stephen and getting to celebrate his birthday with him! I got him a wine cooler and my sweet parents filled it up for him! 

Speaking of wine cellars I saw this beautiful one I have ever seen at Glennis Beacham's listing, 225 West Paces Ferry. Sorry Stephen, I can't get this for you... yet!

3. I am thankful for my beautiful Christmas tree! Its gorgeous! We had so much fun putting it up.

I did these bows all by myself (and 30 minutes of youtube videos on how to make a bow)

4. I am thankful for getting to go and watch the Saints play the Falcons last night, my two favorite teams!! It has been so much fun in Atlanta with the Falcons winning. Stephen and I were laughing about how we remember never standing for the games, people always sat. Let me say, thats different now! It was rowdy last night in the Georgia Dome! I am so happy for the Falcons winning season! Atlanta is rising up haha!

Oh and Luda came.

5. I am excited and thankful for getting 994 Carmel Ave under contract! Erin and I have the cutest buyers and they are so excited about moving to the Inman Park area!
Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and let me know if I can ever help you with any real estate needs.

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