Thursday, March 15, 2012

ABR Leadership Program- Trip to the Capitol

Lauren Head and I are representing Beacham and Company in the Atlanta Board of REALTORS leadership program this year! We are learning about how the ABR represents REALTORS in Atlanta and lobbys for our rights as REALTORS! Today we took a trip to the capitol to see where the action takes place under the "Gold Dome".

 Here is Lauren and I in the capitol.

Picture in the lobby of the capitol.

 Us in front of the capitol! Did you know that the capitol originally had a tin roof? Come along way, now it is gold leaf!

We had the pleasure of hearing Minority leader, Stacey Abrams speak to us!

We also went to the City hall and listened to council member H. Lamar Willis speak to us!  Look how beautiful the entry into city hall is! Such beautiful historic buildings we have hear in atlanta!

It has been so much fun learning the possibilities REALTORS have and the people who support us and help us to do what we do! 

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