Wednesday, January 4, 2012

First New Listing of 2012! Midtown Condo!

When I think of this new listing at 905 Juniper Street the first thing that comes to mind is sparkly. This condo is a gem and decorated to perfection! The homeowner's mother is an architect and decided to put a spin on this midtown condo, it is personalized and custom to her daughter's taste and it shows! Look at this beauty!

You can see off to the left of the picture below the added cabinetry! Most condos do not have near the storage and cabinet space as this one!

In the kitchen below, off to the right you can see a wine bar, the homeowner took out her bathtub and put in a wine bar! How smart and useful is that?!

Here is a better shot of the wine bar.

In the master bedroom, she added the bookcases to the right of the bed!

See no tub, but I love the table instead!

And this one! Ooh la la!

One of the best aspects of this condo is that is less than 20 feet from the pool area since it is on the same level! 

And you have beautiful midtown views!

This beauty is listed at only $229,900! Email me at if you are interested!

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  1. The unit really looks very classy! It does exude a spacious aura that could really be an advantage over some condominium units.

    Luise Baanders