Thursday, September 27, 2012

I am so lucky!

I celebrated my 26th birthday yesterday, wow time is flying! I am so lucky to have a wonderful job, boyfriend, family and friends to share my life with! I am truly blessed to be healthy and surrounded by people I love.

Stephen took me to my favorite restaurant last night, Empire State South. We love the unique, Southern dishes there and it has an awesome view. See the view from our table below!

 It was delicious as always! We started with the jars, pimento cheese with smoked bacon jar is our favorite :)
 my love :)
 The chicken boudin was not the Louisiana kind I love, but delicious nevertheless!

After dinner my sweet, sweet friends met us at the ice bar to celebrate!

 I just thought this is too funny not to share. Me and my sis at my horsey-themed birthday about 20 years ago.

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