Monday, June 6, 2011

Loft Hunting in Atlanta

This weekend I had the challenge of finding a loft for a client in a hip area of Atlanta! The first area that came to my mind was Castleberry Hills! This area is famous for its renovated lofts and art strolls. They all have great views of downtown and are located near the Georgia Dome, Phillips arena and the Georgia Aquarium. I once visited for Blayne Beacham's art show and ate at No Mas Cantina, which was delicious.  I remembered the area's wonderful loft style buildings so it was my first stop. Below is the super spacious loft I visited right across the street from No Mas.

Next stop was in Grant Park right across from Oakland Cemetary. This area has really transitioned into a wonderful, social neighborhood. They have fun restaurants like Six Feet Under, Tin Lizzys, Blue Sombrero, and Ria's Bluebird. Yesterday morning people were shopping and standing in line for brunch!  It had a really hip and young atmosphere!

Here are the photos from the loft behind these great restaurants on Memorial Drive. If you haven't been down here it is truly worth your time! If you have any questions about lofts in Atlanta please contact me at Have a great week everyone!

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