Friday, December 19, 2014

Hosting Christmas

After all of the hustle and bustle from the wedding, engagement parties, buying a house, etc. Stephen and I decided that it would be nice to stay in our home for our very, first Christmas as a married couple. We invited both of our families and have put a lot of effort in to making it comfortable for everyone! My mom has laughed as I have told her all I have done to prepare... She said "It's not easy.. you didn't know what you got yourself into." Apparently, I need to order a turkey, ham and beef tenderloin ahead of time! (WHAT?!)

Then I came down with the Flu... yep! My parents have considered relocating to the North Georgia Mountains and we went to search for homes/towns (some photos below).. they had a head cold, so I had to out do them and get the Flu.

Of course, even with head colds we had a wonderful time. Here we are in Blue Ridge playing trivia, team purple lips.

So team purple lips had to hold off on planning Christmas this week. Thank goodness for my dear friend, Blayne's, Holiday gift guide I was able to do some shopping from my bed! Here are a few photos of my decor... before the Flu.

One of my favorite decorations is our stockings, knitted with love by my Nana. She gave Stephen and I stockings before our wedding, they are so special to me and complete our home for Christmas!  Of course, Bugs had to have one too!

Sorry the light is so bad in this photo, but here is our precious tree! One of my favorite memories is the first Thanksgiving in Atlanta, mom and I had lunch at Serenbe with Mamaw and Papaw then drove to Callaway Gardens and on the way we stopped in a precious small town in Georgia on 41 South. They had a beautiful downtown, with gorgeous Christmas decor. There we stopped in a cute Holiday Decor shop and we picked out a lot of ornaments and ribbon for my tree. That is how I got my ribbon tree!
 A few special ornaments that were added to our tree this year.. this was from my Mom from Watersound where Stephen and I got engaged.

This was given to us at our wedding! Beautiful love birds... BUT I don't know who it is from?! It didn't have a tag! Anyone know who it is from??

This is from my cousin, Danielle! I love it so much.

This is from my Mother-in-law! It is so beautiful and special.

This is from my Nana, it says "Our First Christmas", it is so classic and pretty. The light bounces off of it and it twinkles.

Here is another Watersound ornament from my mom.
 I added left over garland to our chandelier. It looks so pretty contrasting against the crystal.

I am so excited to set my table for Christmas dinner!

Oh and my little elf dog, Bugs in his cute sweater... he just woke up.

Have a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!